I provide gentle midwifery, pelvic bodywork, and natural reproductive care to women in Idaho’s Wood River Valley. My work is rooted in a commitment to women’s collective, primal wisdom. As a midwife, I safeguard normal birth at home, helping women to create embodied, autonomous birth and mothering experiences.

I love being a midwife and affirming the normalcy and beauty of our reproductive rites of passage. Take a look around, and please reach out and let me know how I can support you!


Homebirth Midwifery

I provide comprehensive, woman-centered midwifery for the entire prenatal through postpartum period. Giving birth at home affords women the opportunity to have truly physiologic, undisturbed and gently supported births in the comfort and privacy of their own surroundings.

Curious about waterbirth? Wondering what a homebirth might look like for your particular situation? Let’s discuss all of the options available to you. It’s your body, your baby, your birth!  Learn More…

Prenatal & Postpartum Pelvic Care

During pregnancy, I help women prepare to walk through the birth door with physical and emotional release work. and optimize the bones and tissues involved with birth. This may include external and internal work supporting the bones and muscles involved in birthing, abdominal and uterine massage, and prenatal counseling.

After birth, dramatic transformations leave the belly, pelvis and abdominal organs rearranged and disconnected. Even when the birth has gone swimmingly, organs and tissues can be discombobulated, and bones can settle into wonky patterns. Integrating the birth on both physical and emotional levels tends to be more difficult after birth trauma, tearing, surgery, breastfeeding challenges or unanticipated events. I provide nurturing and therapeutic bodywork to help women heal and thrive after birth. Learn more…

Natural Reproductive Care

Longstanding hormonal and pelvic organ imbalance  contribute to problems like prolapse, incontinence, painful sex, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis and infertility. Chronic conditions of the pelvic organs and menstrual cycle can self-correct with pelvic bodywork, nutritional support, and custom herbal medicine as your body moves back into balance. For women hoping to conceive, I offer pre-conception treatments and restorative hormonal support for women with long term fertility challenges. Learn More…

Birth Trauma Support

Trauma can be obvious or slight. It can be layered in the soft tissues of the pelvis and in the bones, in scar tissue, or in the energetic body. Trauma can result from feeling diminished, scared, mistreated or violated, being separated from your baby, routine interventions, and surgery. Trauma just means that part of the experience was stored inside and is still occupying the nervous system.  We work with what your body is communicating when you arrive, whether it is calling for bones to be released, or womb work, or an hour of listening time.