When a woman connects to the energy of her root, she stokes the hormonal rhythms required for conception while reinforcing her relationship to her primal instincts — both vital for her embodied transition into birth and mothering.

For women who have been on a long journey to conception…

For the women who are just beginning to think about preparing their womb and bodies for conception…..

We work together to make your pituitary happy, regulate your cycles, restore optimal hormonal and blood flow to your womb, help the uterus and bladder into optimal positions, and soothe your nervous system so that you can feel joyful and at ease while you prepare your nest.

We begin by making a full assessment of your body’s patterns across multiple landscapes: hormonal, nutritional, energetic, and structural. I consider the bio-mechanics of your pelvis and where flow may be impeded, what your hormones are doing, your nutrient status, and any related imbalances that might be contributing, like thyroid or adrenal disruption.

All sessions include bodywork as the foundation for fertility care. Hands on, manual therapies help ground us down into our root — where we need to be for conscious, easeful conception. Herbal medicine is woven in to support organ and tissue health, hemodynamics, hormone balance and emotional support.

Pelvic bodywork

Pelvic hydroTHERAPY

Abdominal & Womb MASSAGE

Plant Medicine


Beginning four months before a planned conception is ideal because a woman’s body carefully prepares her eggs for conception about four months before they are released from the ovary. Pre-conception work during this time nourishes your entire being, improves egg quality, and encourages the likelihood of a successful and joyful pregnancy.

If you have less than four moths to prepare, I recommend starting with three sessions timed with your menses and ovulation (if you’re ovulating). If you are not ovulating, we will work to restore your hormonal rhythm and ovulation.

My Fertility Care Includes:
  • Assessment of your nutrient status and how to get more of what you need
  • Abdominal and womb massage
  • External pelvic work on alignment of pelvis and uterus
  • Internal pelvic work on releasing tension patterns, scar tissue and trauma
  • Releasing soft tissue and organ restrictions and adhesions
  • Pelvic hydrotherapy and vaginal steams
  • Custom herbal formulas + flower essences
  • Labwork as needed