Prenatal & Postpartum

I offer the same prenatal and postpartum bodywork and care I provide for my homebirth clients to women who are birthing with other providers. Please note, this work does not replace standard medical prenatal care.

Tending to women in pregnancy and birth for twenty years has taught me that when women fully embody their pelvic space they are much more likely to have self-directed, confident, transformative, primal, powerful, even ecstatic birth and mothering experiences. Now more than ever we need strong, connected, fierce women leading our families and communities.

Prenatal Pelvic Care

Nurturing, restorative touch for you entire pelvis and abdomen

Prenatal sessions include nurturing womb massage and external bone and fascia work throughout pregnancy and internal vaginal work at the end of pregnancy. This work comforts your physical and emotional body, helping you to have a more relaxed and joyful birth.

Because old injuries and tension patterns can create restrictions that limit mobility, cause pain, and contribute to baby being breech or in a wonky position (transverse, de-flexed, etc.), it makes the most sense to address pelvic imbalances before birth. Likewise, addressing fears around birth or mothering before labor can ease the passageway through the birth door.

Receiving these treatments through pregnancy is ideal (and my wish for all women), but even one session in the weeks before birth will help relax your nervous system and your ease your body’s transition. During your first visit we will talk briefly about your pregnancy, birth plans and any specific concerns. Sessions typically last one and a half hours, sometimes two if you have a lot going on with your pelvis, a history of birth trauma, or just or want more time.

  • Back ache and sacroiliac joint (SI) pain
  • Pubis symphysis dysfunction (SPD)
  • Sciatica
  • Pelvic mobility for easier births
  • Optimal fetal positioning for shorter, easier birth
  • Emotional Preparation — Opening the Birth Door (clearing energetic blocks and releasing fear)
  • Connection to your pelvic floor muscles for birthing
  • Healthy flow of blood, lymph and downward prana through the pelvis
  • Generating oxytocin to make you and baby feel blissful

“Birth is the doorway for integration of body and mind.”

Gayle Peterson

Postpartum Services

Home Visits, Breastfeeding Support and Pelvic Care

All postpartum women benefit from attentive, compassionate midwife eyes and hands in the weeks after birth regardless of where or how they gave birth. Our medical system does not adequately care for postpartum women. Too many women are suffering from both normal and abnormal, yet treatable conditions. I meet each woman where she is at and help her feel genuinely seen and supported. I work at the physical and energetic level to help women integrate the birth and feel confident and whole.

I help the pelvic bones come back into alignment, which gives women a felt sense of grounded safety in their body. This also helps women to create boundaries and ask for the help they need.

Yoni steams support the release of old blood and tissue and facilitate wound healing — and they feel amazing!  Womb work is deeply restorative to the new mother’s nervous system and assists the uterus in returning to a central, healthy position. Sometimes ongoing sessions are needed to correct pelvic dysfunction, prolapse, and tissue damage from surgery or tearing during birth.

Per diem visits or ongoing care is tailored to meet each woman’s specific needs. Often women can’t articulate exactly what they need; They’re sleep deprived and usually doing too much. This is when skilled, nurturing touch is so important because it brings women safely back into their bodies.

My long-term goals for Wood River Valley women’s health is to help ALL women receive the physiologic care they need after birth including nurturing touch, womb work, pelvic alignment, perineal care, emotional and nervous system support and breastfeeding help. I am dedicated to advancing the health and happiness of our local mothers. Please inquire about sliding scale payment options if you need it! We are in this together. We need each other.




  • Pelvic adjustments for optimal pelvic bone alignment after birth
  • Womb and abdominal massage to restore the uterus, bladder and digestive organs to their home for healthy, long-term function
  • Pelvic hydrotherapy / vaginal steaming
  • Cesarean recovery & scar healing
  • Perineal tear / scar tissue healing
  • Birth trauma processing
  • Postpartum anxiety and depression  treatment
  • Restorative treatments to help mama feel calm and balanced while sleep deprived and caring for a newborn
  • Repairing the energetic connection with our wombs and our babies
  • Breastfeeding help